Mission & Philosophy

Mission: The mission of North Rome Christian School is to reinforce Christian family values and provide outstanding educational programs that prepare students to excel academically and motivate them to develop a Christian lifestyle that results in service to God and mankind.

A basic responsibility of Christian parents is to “train up a child in the way he should go…” that “when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). North Rome Christian School is a school that is seeking to mold your children’s lives after God’s fashion. Successful Christian living hinges on three areas: the home, the church, and the school. The home and church cannot be teaching one way while the school is teaching another, without confusion and strife reigning in the minds of our young people. It is essential that parents provide a home atmosphere where Christian principles are taught. Church involvement is also important to development and parents are expected to involve the family in a local, Bible-believing church.

Our desire is to work arm in arm with parents, who have been given the responsibility by God to train their children. Both the home and the school share this responsibility. Cooperation between the home, church and school is the key to the most effective instruction and discipline of children. Therefore, we pledge to you to “present Jesus Christ and the highest quality education possible” and we ask you to pledge to do your part.

This handbook provides information about the organization, philosophy, program and policies of North Rome Christian School. It may be changed or added to as the school continues to grow and policies are developed. Please take time to make yourself familiar with the school by reviewing the information included. Glance through it periodically to be reminded of the purpose for the Christian education provided at NRCS. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have unanswered questions.



The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge (Proverbs 9;10) and all knowledge has its foundation in the ultimate standard of truth, the Bible.

Children are an inheritance from the Lord (Psalms 127:3) and actually belong to God, as do all good things that God gives His people. Children are a trust placed in the parent’s care to bring up in the discipline and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).

God as creator and sustainer of this universe created man in His own image. But because of Adam’s disobedience, man inherited a sinful nature, and when left to himself, he will not naturally do what is right.

Children, therefore need to be taught. We know what a child needs educationally and we know what a child needs in order to build character. We determine the curriculum and set the standards; there are indeed absolutes that need to be taught.

God has revealed Himself in a general way in His world and universe, and in a specific way in the Bible. By faith in God’s Son Jesus Christ, man’s soul is regenerated and brought back into fellowship with God.

The Christian school should provide an atmosphere for knowing Christ personally, for nurturing Christian growth, and for encouraging a commitment to Christian service.

We believe discipline is Scriptural. Children need discipline; it gives them security within bounds. Parents appreciate discipline, and a teacher’s efficiency is greatly increased by good discipline in the classroom.

We believe that children need to learn to honor and respect parents and others in authority, that a man’s word is bond, that they should be proud of America, and that the free enterprise system is still the best system.

The child’s home, church, and school experience and training should compliment each other in promoting academic, spiritual, physical and social growth and should be preparation for life: a life of dependence upon and fellowship with God and service to man.


The primary purpose of our school is to train the student in the Christian way of life and to give the student a good general education in the light of the principles of God’s Word.


The goal of North Rome Christian School is to help students to develop into whole persons having the characteristics modeled by Jesus Christ, who grew in wisdom, in stature, in favor with God, and in favor with man. (Luke 2:52).

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