Parent Owned

What Does Parent Owned Mean?

We use the above words frequently in our newsletters and publicity materials. Recently we were asked to explain what the phrase REALLY means.

NRCS began 31 years ago when a group of parents from North Rome Wesleyan and Herrickville Wesleyan Church, along with Pastor Carroll Brentlinger and Pastor Larry Burke, met to discuss the possibility of starting a Christian school. God had laid a vision and desire upon these individuals to have their children trained in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord”. NRCS had just completed a building project and it was originally thought the school would be an extension of the church. Yet, the church had also taken on an immense mortgage and the congregation voted down the school proposal, and many felt the door was shut. However, God was not finished! The Lord laid it upon Shirley Rockwell’s heart (grandmother to Daniel and Katelyn Swartley) to ask for another vote. This time the vote narrowly passed, but the school could open.

However, it was set up that the school would RENT from the church and the school would be entirely INDEPENDENT from the church.

The primary stipulation upon the school is that 2 of the board members must be covenant members from a Wesleyan church. Presently we have a total of 9 board members. It is the responsibility of the School Board to set the policies for NRCS. It is the responsibility of the administrator and the staff to follow the policies set by the board. Therefore, we greatly appreciate the wisdom of our board.
As a parent owned school, we rely heavily upon our parents to partner with the teachers in staffing for fruit break and lunch room help, also our extra-curricular programs – art, music, library, gym, drama, yearbook, newspaper, cooking, sewing, auto mechanics, carpentry, and coaching.It is important to our school to have our parents involved – THIS IS YOUR SCHOOL! All of our children receive a blessing when they are able to interact with our moms, dads, grandparents, and the adults are blessed in return.Our annual meeting is held in May. At this meeting we will vote on upcoming board members, the school budget, discuss the auction, and any other concerns. ALL PARENTS have a voice and vote at our meetings.We desire and value any communication from our parents. We depend upon your involvement in our School Auction and the Race for Education to keep tuition costs from rising (the LAST thing any board member wants to happen). We COVET your prayers for students, staff and spiritual coverage for the school.THANK YOU for believing in the value of Christian education in the life of your children and family.