North Rome Christian School is passionately committed to academic excellence. Our academic program is comprehensive, college preparatory, and taught within a Christian framework. Beginning in kindergarten, the curriculum is designed to lay a solid academic, intellectual, and spiritual foundation for our students. NRCS students are challenged to excel as they are being prepared for a lifetime of faith and service. North Rome Christian School administers the PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment) in third thru eighth grade and also in eleventh grade in the areas of Reading, Math and Writing. Students have consistently scored above the local and state levels in all areas.



NRCS offers a full day kindergarten which includes Bible, Reading, Phonics, Math, Science, History, and Spelling. Students are reading by the end of the year. Along with academics, students also participate in gym, library, art and music.


Students in first thru sixth grade engage in a strong academic curriculum which encourages higher order thinking skills. Our small class sizes also allow teachers to stress individualized learning. Art, music, library and gym are part of the elementary curriculum. Fifth and sixth graders have computer class and sixth graders also have a Missions class.

Junior High:

Grades 7th and 8th are involved in a general curriculum of Bible, English/Vocabulary/Literature, Civics and Geography, and Science along with a strong Middle School math course, computer classes, PE, Health, Study Skills, Study Island (PSSA website), Drama, Art, Cooking, Music and athletic programs.

Senior High:

Grades 9th – 12th are entered into a course schedule that meets all state requirements for entrance into four year college systems. Courses include advanced math and science classes, foreign language, computer, PE, and optional music, drama and sports. A variety of leadership opportunities are part of the curriculum each year. Seniors organize a missions trip as a culmination of their senior year.

High School College Time Line:

When it comes to planning for college, it can seem like a pretty daunting journey, but don’t worry. Whether you’re a student or a parent looking for direction, our college planning timelines will help guide you towards success throughout your high school career. And don’t forget, along with these timelines and this website, you have a Guidance Counselor at NRCS to  help you succeed and discover your potential along the way.  Read below to see what is expended for each year:

  • Freshman Year: At this stage in high school, you are laying the foundation for your high school career. This is a great time to establish your academic and extracurricular credentials for your future. This is also a perfect time to begin thinking about colleges and careers. And don’t worry, you do not have to have it all figured at this point in your life.  However,  it is at this point that you begin to earn credits that will be needed for graduation.  Your grades in each class from this point on will become part of your transcript that will be sent to colleges and other academic organizations.


  • Sophomore Year: During your Sophomore year you will want to continue strong and stay on track with your high school classes and activities. You should also begin to narrow down your plans for your future. Begin to look into colleges with majors that you are interested in and may want to pursue.


  • Junior Year: On your mark, get set, go! This is a key year in the college planning process because you will be taking standardized tests, narrowing down your college list, and learning more about financial aid. In addition, you’ll need to stay involved in your high school courses and activities. Keep those grades up, because they will count more now than ever!


  • Senior Year: Finish Strong! – Should be every senior’s motto this year. This year is often an extremely busy time, with schoolwork, activities, and special events. Be sure to stay on track with the college admissions process and be proactive. Get organized, be aware of deadlines, and don’t procrastinate. This is it – your last year in high school! 

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