Regular attendance at school is required of every student. Please schedule doctor, dental, music and other appointments for after school hours. Excuse notices for absences, tardiness, or early dismissals must be filled out, signed by parents and returned promptly to the school.

Legal (Excused) Absences:

Pupils may be legally absent because of personal illness, quarantine, impassable roads, and death in the immediate family, or other compelling situations directly affecting the child. If a student is absent for more than 3 consecutive days, he/she will be required to obtain a doctor’s excuse when returning to school. Advance written requests for excused absences, such as a family trip, having educational value, should be submitted to the administrator at least one week in advance. After 20 absences a student evaluation will be given by the administrator, teacher and a board member.

Illegal (Unexcused) Absences:

Absence for reasons other than those stated above are considered unlawful. After three days of illegal absences, the school is required by law to report such person to their school district superintendent.

Absence Breakdown:

Absences will be recorded as follows:

  • Tardy = missing less than 40 minutes of class time
  • 3 tardies = one full day absent
  • Missing 40 minutes = 1 1/2 hours of class time = 1/4 day absent
  • Missing 1 1/2 hours = 3 1/4 hours = 1/2 day absent
  • Missing 3 1/4 – 4 1/2 hours = 3/4 day absent

The time recorded as entering or leaving school will be rounded out to the nearest 1/4 hour.

Tardiness & Early Dismissal:

Students are expected to be at school on time. Any student who is not in school by 8:40 will be given a tardy excuse (except when road conditions are snowy or icy). Any student arriving after 10:45 or leaving before 1:00 will be considered absent for ½ day. If a student must leave school during the day for a doctor’s appointment or other business, parents are asked to send a note to this effect to the office at the beginning of the school day.

Students arriving late to school or leaving for any reason other than school sponsored events must have permission from the office. The office will notify the parent and then release the student by signing out.

Whenever a student is late to school, the student must report to the office. Tardiness will be excused for similar reasons as absences. Transportation failure, however, shall be limited to mechanical breakdown or ice/snow and shall not include causes related to not leaving home in time, slow traffic, etc. A student with an “excused” tardy to school will still be marked tardy but will have no academic discipline.

To be excused tardy, the student must bring a written note from parents stating the date, the reason, and the parent’s signature. The administration will determine whether a tardy meets the “excused” criteria. If a note is not submitted to the homeroom teacher or school office by the second day following the tardy will be unexcused.

The policy for unexcused tardiness will be administered the following way by each grading period:

  • First unexcused tardy – Warning

  • Second unexcused tardy – Warning

  • Each subsequent unexcused tardy – One hour detention after school.

Three unexcused tardies will equal an unexcused absence. Continual tardiness or absences will need to be evaluated by the administrator, teacher, and board member. Student drivers may lose driving privileges for a designated period of time unless the administration approves an alternate course of action due to hardship/emergency needs.

The policy for excused tardiness (notes from parents) will be administered the following way be each grading period:

  • First excused tardy – No penalty

  • Second excused tardy – No penalty

  • Third excused tardy – no penalty; warning will be given

  • Each subsequent excused tardy – one hour detention after school.

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