Discipline Policy

Under Discipline, we address the following topics: 
Turn-A-Card System:

The following pertains to students in Kindergarten to Sixth Grade

There is a pocket chart displayed in each classroom and each child has a “packet” of colored cards. Each day, the BLUE card will be on top, signaling appropriate behavior an a fresh start. When a rule is broken, a child will be asked to “turn a card.” The next card in the stack is the YELLOW card, which means the child will be given a verbal warning. If the second rule is broken the child will turn the third card in his/her stack. The PINK card means the child will have a five minute time out, during which he/she should reflect on the behavior and find ways to change it. If a child’s behavior is inappropriate the their time, during the day, the next card that is turned is the GREEN Card, which is a 15 minute time out. If a child’s behavior is inappropriate once more, then the PURPLE card will necessitate a phone call home to the parents. The last rule infraction would be a WHITE card which would include a visit to the administrator and a phone call home. However, at any point, the administrator may be included into an area of discipline. Student’s generally lose time during lunch recess.

During lunch there is also a Red-flagged table at which a student may be asked to sit alone with an imposed “time-out.” This table is used to reinforce the seriousness of a general rule infraction (not keeping hands to themselves, deliberately not obeying an adult, a situation which could have hurt someone else, etc.) This table is also used when students have work that needs to be finished.

Each day, the cards are returned to their original order, with the BLUE card on top, so that they can begin each day with a fresh start and another chance at displaying appropriate behavior.

Our goal is to teach our students that they have choices to make concerning their behavior. A poor choice results in a consequence. We try to stress that while we care for them and forgive them, they still have a consequence because of THEIR choice.

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Academic Discipline Policy:

Extension Policy

The purpose of this program is to assist the student who is in need of extra assistance in order to complete class and/or homework assignments.
Step One: The first occurrence (3 incomplete homework assignments) will result in a verbal warning and a telephone call to the parents notifying them that a warning has been given and identifying the incomplete assignments.
Step Two: The second occurrence will result in a (1½) hour period of extended school beginning at 3:00 p.m. and ending at 4:30 p.m. The extension will continue on consecutive school days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) until the assignments are completed. Parents will be notified one day in advance of the extension in order to arrange transportation.
Step Three: If the student fails to adhere to this program and shows no intentions of completing back assignments, the student and his/her parents will be required to appear before the school board for further action.

Conduct/Behavior Discipline:

This pertains to students 7th to 12th grades.

The purpose of this policy is to assist the student who is having con-duct problems to understand the inappropriateness of his/her actions. Order and peace will be promoted in the classroom in order to create a good environment for learning

 The general approach will be to confront and correct those who are not self-disciplined or obedient, and to encourage those who are faithful and diligent. Ideally, each student will be dealt with consistently in relation to clearly communicated expectations (as delineated in this Handbook, or otherwise delivered by classroom teachers and/or administration of NRCS)

Hebrews 13:7 “Obey them that have been given authority over you, and willingly submit yourselves, that they may exercise their authority with joy and not with grief.”

I. The Use of Correction Cards ~ on these will be a list of common student violations, how many points the infraction will result in, and additional space for other possible violations or teacher comments. On the card will be recorded the date and the teacher involved. Students must not argue with a teacher over a correction card. They may come back and respectfully appeal if they feel strongly that there was injustice, but arguing will cause them to forfeit the right to such an appeal.

  • A. Tracking The Cards ~ The cards will be tabulated over the
    9 weeks of a marking period. All correction cards will be promptly turned in to the discipline director by the issuing teacher. These will be recorded daily.
  • B. Accumulating Cards ~ As the student receives cards, there will be a loss of privilege, and/or detention service. Detentions will be served at the following increments:

    • 5 cc’s = lunch detention (student must return slip signed
      by parent)
    • 10 cc’s = after school detention (parent will receive a phone call, and must return a signed detention slip) and athletic ineligibility
    • 15 cc’s = Saturday detention (parent will receive a phone call, detention slip, and a bill from NRCS for the $ 35 monitors fee)
    • 20 cc’s = suspension from school (unexcused
      absence; all work must be made up)

Major violations may result in immediate suspension or expulsion.

II. The Use Of Privilege Status

Matthew 10:10 ―… for the workman is worthy of his reward.‖
Galatians 6:7 ―… what a man sows he will reap.‖

  • A. Each student will start out with a clean slate at the beginning of each quarter, except those who are ineligible for sports as a result of previous quarter totals.
  • B. After the first 2 week those who have maintained a zero cc level will be on ―privilege‖. From then on the ―privilege‖ increments will be as follows:
  • 3 weeks ~ zero cc’s
  • 4 weeks ~ zero cc’s
  • 5 weeks ~ 0 – 1 cc’s
  • 6 weeks ~ 0 – 1 cc’s
  • 7 weeks through end of quarter ~ 0 – 2 cc’s
  • C. Privilege status will give the student the opportunity to participate in various privilege rewards granted throughout the quarter.
  • D. Each week a student goes without getting a cc, they will have a point reduced from their total (if his/her total is above 0)

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