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How would your children like to take a jungle adventure where they can rock climb, zip line, and experience a rope challenge course adventure that is specially designed for kids. There is such a place in Littleton, Colorado that is open for kids who want to simply drop in or for parents who want to host a private party. This amazing jungle will provide all of the supervision, equipment, and instruction that your children will need to have a safe and fun adventure.

When you go to their website there is a tab called FAQs. This webpage will answer the majority of your frequently asked questions. You can also call them at 303- 738- 9844. If you are planning to host a party or if you are bringing a group then it is important to know that you will need to make a reservation and that there is a 5 child minimum. Also, you will need to provide the facility with at least 24 hours notice.

One question that many parents may have is whether the facility is safe. The statistics say that there are over 30 million teens and children each year who participate in some type of organized sport. Of that number, approximately 20% of these children are injured each year and one out of four of these injuries is considered serious. That basically means that with organized sports there is an injury rate of approximately 20%.

On the other hand, Jungle Quest only has an injury rate of .014%. That translates into the fact that your child is roughly 1400 times likely less to be injured at Jungle Quest than they would if they were involved in an organized sports program. Jungle Quest entertains over 35,000 children each year and they only have an average of 5 or so injuries during the entire year.

The reason why they have such a low injury rate is because all of their equipment is especially designed for children. They also encourage, instruct, and supervise all of the children so that they always follow all of the safety rules and instructions. The facility follows every industry standard for ropes, rock climbing, and challenge courses.

Another key reason why they have such a low injury rate is because their instructors thoroughly train and guide each group of kids before they are allowed into the jungle. They explain how the equipment works and talk about the safety rules. As the kids participate in various adventures, such as climbing the high rock wall, they are continually supervised.

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