Miscellaneous Info.

for Miscellaneous Information, we will address the following:

After School Guidelines Homework Medical Policy Open House
Snack Cards School Insurance Work Make-up Requirements


After School Guidelines:

All students being dismissed at 3:00 who do not go directly to their bus or car should immediately go to the area designated for supervision. Students may not wander about the building. Children waiting for their rides (including staff children) are bound by the same guidelines as all the other students. When students remain at the school or are returning from an event, they remain under the supervision of the staff members. When there are no adults available (between school time and time of event) the students are to go home and return at the appropriate time. Students are not to be left unsupervised in the building at any time.

Students are expected to complete assignments by the deadline specified by the teacher. Parents share in this responsibility to assure the students are completing their assignments.

Open House:
Open house is scheduled in September so that parents may meet the teachers and preview their long range plans, goals, and objectives for the year. You will be advised concerning the date.

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Snack Cards:

The school sells fresh white and chocolate milk, along with and a variety of snacks each day. Rather than having the children bring money daily, we ask parents to send in $5.00 to purchase a snack card. This card is marked off into increments of 25¢, which is the cost of the drink. Snacks usually are around 50¢. Parents may request milk only or snack once a week.
School Insurance:
School accident insurance is available for a nominal cost at the beginning of each year. Forms will be sent to you for this optional program.
Work Make-Up Requirements:
For excused absences—Students are permitted up to two days for each day of excused absence to make up work assigned while absent. After expiration of this time allowance, students must make up work in after school detention.

For unexcused absences—Work missed due to unexcused absence must be made up before or after school.

If, at the end of a grading period, a student has some incomplete assignments as a result of an absence, and will be recorded as his/her temporary grade. The student will be allowed 10 school days to make up the complete work. At the end of that time, if the work is not completed, the grade for that assignment will be recorded as a 0. The work may still be required in order to receive credit for the class regardless of how the grade averages.

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Medical Policy:
When a student is ill, he or she should come to the office. Parents are called when the student is running a fever. Parents are requested not to send a child to school with a temperature above normal. In case of a serious accident, parents are notified.

Immunization records—It is required by law that all students have their immunization current upon entering school. The only exception to this law is to have a signed religious exemption statement on file In the school office.

Physicals—requirements for physicals are grades Kindergarten, Sixth, and Eleventh.

Dental—requirements for dental check-ups are grades Kindergarten, Third, and Seventh.

Medication—Any student requiring medication to be administered during school hours is required to leave the said medication in the school office (in its original container) along with clear instructions and a signed temporary medication permission slip. Complete instructions for the use of the medication shall be written on the form. A medical permission slip is available at the school office.

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