Participation Hours

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NRCS is a parent-owned and operated school. It is important to the school that families are involved and active in the lives of their children. Our volunteers help to make the school functional and affordable.

While we require 30 hours from each family, we do try to accommodate the needs to working parents, those with young children, or those who have special needs.

There are jobs which at times can be accomplished at home. We also have times on the evenings and weekends when assistance is needed. We have a work before school begins and after school is out. Parents who sign up and complete a 9 – 10 weeks elective class which meets once a week for grades 7 -12 are given the 30 hour credit – sewing, cooking, ceramics, woodworking, first aid, etc.

We also hold a yearly auction the firs weekend in June. We need parents to attend planning meetings, help with getting donations, setting up and tearing down, and working that day. A couple working just that Saturday can easily put in 8 to 10 hours each – while having lots of FUN! Parents can help out at our sporting events, carnival days, field trips, camping trips, program nights.

Grandparents and other relatives are also able to help and have their hours counted for the family.

Any family having concerns about getting in their time, should contact the office and speak to Mrs. Carmichael 570.247.2800. We will try to work with each and every family.

Tuition covers about 80% of the operating cost of NRCS. Volunteer help is a very important tool to help control tuition cost. The following is a list of areas where help is extremely useful to the operation of the school. Please check off the services that you are able to provide. This is a special joy that comes from serving the Lord and working with students.

Each family is responsible for fulfilling a service requirement of 30 hours as part of their involvement with NRCS. In lieu of the service requirements a family may choose to pay a fee of $450. Uncompleted hours will be billed at $15 per hour.

There are many service opportunities throughout the school year. Below is a partial list and special requests will be make throughout the year. Volunteer hours are recorded and sent home every nine weeks so that each family will be aware of their standings.

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