Spiritual Life

NRCS’s vision is to prepare students who demonstrate the heart and character of God, and whom have developed a personal relationship with Christ that will be evident in their role in their personal and family life, their local church, their workplace throughout their lives.


How, practically, is this goal achieved?

Every day at North Rome Christian School, teachers, parents and administrators pray for God’s wisdom to dynamically reveal Jesus to students in every area of their life. The following summarize a few of the venues in which this happens:

  • Teachers and parents present each academic and elective subject from a biblical perspective. As a result, students become prepared to articulate a strong defense of their faith within all academic disciplines.
  • Each year as students take a variety of Bible classes, they are lovingly challenged to take personal ownership of their faith.
  • During weekly chapel services students experience opportunities to participate in worship, lead by student praise and worship teams.
  • Each year students join together to reach out to serve their community through individual and group outreach projects.
  • High School Bible classes create opportunities for students to apply their faith to topics about family, college, financial, marriage, relational, worldview and leadership that encourage students to evaluate their faith in light of pertinent life events.

North Rome Christian School is committed to providing opportunities for all students to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Therefore, students who possess a heart that desires to experience a vital relationship with Jesus Christ will find multiple practical opportunities throughout the school year.

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Annual Theme:

A unique feature of North Rome Christian School has been the annual theme, which sets the spiritual direction of the school year. Past themes have dealt with Service, loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and body, kindness,  transformation, and strength.

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